I would love to highlight the people that inspired me to follow my dreams and beginning this journey. Firstly, I will start with this man right here, he never persuaded me or pushed me into giving up meat or dairy but instead, he educated me and showed me a healthier way of eating. I took it upon myself to begin my research, I started at the well-known documentary “What the Health”, this is where my questions began, and I started reading and watching more and more. I followed this up with “Conspiracy” which again, just prompted more and more questions. It also created an anger inside of me, that I was unable to control. I was angry at the many years I was conditioned to consume these products, at the prolonged suffering and exploitation of innocent, defenseless animals. These animals were forcedly brought into this world to endure prolonged pain and torture for me to consume these products.

Following these battle with anger, I felt sad and mislead. These industries create this façade in which we believe willingly. It was then I discovered influential animal activists James Asbery and Joey Carbstrong. Every day they wake up and fight for the end of animals suffering. I was and am every day truly influenced by the work that they both continue to do. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you both for what you do. Your message is being heard.

Now, every day I educate myself by watching, reading and learning about clean and healthy eating. I motivate myself to educate and teach other people what I have learned and hopefully inspire them like the magical people that have inspired me.


Please find below all the accounts of the people I have mentioned above

What the Health


James Aspey

Joey Carbstrong